A gentle twist
slowly brushed against your wrist
do you want to be kissed?
or just stay here, be delayed
wondering if you’re betrayed
conveyed by your beliefs to persuade
the different
but the same human race
you lay here in grace
gracefully embrace
the persecution of the
unbelievable strain,
the strain to retain
your sentimental refrains
you smile to be eyed
you cry even when denied,
you love even when in doubt,
you lust
even when you couldn’t
be proud enough
you giggle and cry
laugh and die
dying to be loved
heavenly touched
to see that deceitful crush
but you can’t get enough
enough of something
you can’t even touch
your blood rush,
your fingers touched,
your eyes get bright
dear, exceptional moonlight
what is there to see?
when your out of sight
out of mind.
your body gets cold
you shiver but act bold
all you want is to be hold
i know you’re in pain
but your not her
so whats there to gain.


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