In your arms

You kissed me gently
without a fear
I laid in your arms
for nights and days
I was young
and didn’t have a care
I loved you deeply and its been
thats way for years
you held my hands
and kissed my cheeks
I blush effortlessly
thinking of the thought
thats we ought to be
be perfect in love
and head over heels so deep
I could see your heart pound & beat
as you know
I’m your lover
as you can see
but then I let go
and your heart stops to beat
silence as memories
are now complete
I reached forward
but your out of reach
I could hear you saying
“we’ll always be”
I cried, my heart slowed down
I pondered and I ran
where am I going?
I’m lost and wont be found
cause I’ll wait here for years
years until you return
years passed
and it hit me
that your gone!
your gone!
I shouldn’t have let go
I shouldn’t.
Come back, come back
and then my heart beat no more.


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