Ice- Water-Steam. Th poetry way!

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly writing challenge: “Ice, Water, Steam.”

The transparency of your clarity
is never at stake
you always look
polished and glossed
which definitely makes your day
three different form
but one single base
you can add and subtract
your form by grace
by chemical procedures
you now arrives with haste
As liquid! like its your place
you camouflage yourself
when you need to be
disguised into ice
showing off your best sides
then you get soft and melt away
embracing the rays
of the beautiful day
you rise as you
form your chemical state
as you become steam
which is great for the atmosphere
you then know you are
a valuable state
a state of matter
that can be used in several
different ways
your abbreviation
makes your feel reliable today
your an asset
and h2o
is your code name.


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