You want to feel wanted

But you want no one at all

You love the attention

Only when u require it

That’s all!

You say we don’t understand

But who understand you at all

Your driven by something

That will completely let you fall

But yet you cant accept

You’re blinded by it all

You thrive for the power

But they cannot give u trill

You want excitement

So does your other soul within

Then you except her to be fine

Just because you think your doing right

Right as in only, you think its right

You fail to realize that you’re not her all

You want her

When you’re unwanted

You seek her attention

When you have no confidence within

You ask not to be judge

But she judge not

She was there when you rise

And fall, was she not!?

But now you left her heart

Merely beating inches apart.

She just about had it all

And realize you no longer

Hold a spot in her heart.


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