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What inspires me? Inspiration comes from something that captures your attention from the moment you see or hear it. I get a sense of belonging and purpose to know am contributing a few poems which if even one person reads they can relate to it and find something about it they like. Not everyday we find people who are passionate about what they do and I absolutely love writing. It's a great way to express yourself if you can't verbally go and say something you'd like to express. I've been writing poetry, short stories from ever since I could form sentences.


You want to feel wanted

But you want no one at all

You love the attention

Only when u require it

That’s all!

You say we don’t understand

But who understand you at all

Your driven by something

That will completely let you fall

But yet you cant accept

You’re blinded by it all

You thrive for the power

But they cannot give u trill

You want excitement

So does your other soul within

Then you except her to be fine

Just because you think your doing right

Right as in only, you think its right

You fail to realize that you’re not her all

You want her

When you’re unwanted

You seek her attention

When you have no confidence within

You ask not to be judge

But she judge not

She was there when you rise

And fall, was she not!?

But now you left her heart

Merely beating inches apart.

She just about had it all

And realize you no longer

Hold a spot in her heart.


Alone but not on my own

The confusion
Starts conflict
No wounds are inflict
Except words which
Tears and rips
Make me feel alone
And want to be home
I try to resist
But the thoughts persist
My sympathy insist
That I should care
Even when it makes
Me sick
Oh I want to be alone
I’m lonely
Even though I’m not on my own
Giving comfort
Even when left out in the cold
Caring for one
Who heart of made of
Pure stone.

Two lives

you mask it so well
who’s compelled?
I know your hurt
you did not
speak of him
nor the kids
you focused on me
isn’t that the first
he used to make you laugh
feel secure
now your half way
across town
knocking at my door
you grab on to my hips
then you kissed
so passionately
like you longed for this
you pushed me on the couch
unbuttoned my blouse
you held my body
like you knew what this way about
I start to think
that this woman
knows how to do her thing
you became dominant
and you clinged
are you in love?
or strolling like the wind?
you come as if you have two lives
he’s your husband
and I’m your wife.

Your lips

Your lips
against my neck
I tingled
cause I don’t know yet
The softness approaches
as anticipation builds
my heart race fast
I pondered!
and toes crawled
the rush of the
wind creeps
down my back
I didn’t startle
no not at all
my eyes get bright
now I think
of no thought
a blank stare
as I wondered
if I’m dared
You came close
and closer
As my blood rush
my smile get wide
& you kissed my cheek
I felt a sensation
of those sweet-vamp lips
then I now know
that I’ve been defeat
now my domination
has lost its peak!

On her own

I feel with pain
emotions and thoughts
slides through my body
cause I know I feel hurt
A lie!
no comfort in your eye
I know you can’t see
how I feel
but these emotions runs deep
I wish I was alone
lonely & not know
that such things existed
on its own
I wish I could turn
held her hand
Instead of yours
If only I’d known
Isn’t that so sad
feeling so real
so Naked!
& transparent
for others to see
makes me cry
tears streaming down
tearing up inside
If only I’d known
I’d be gone
& never be the one
thats on her own.

Ice- Water-Steam. Th poetry way!

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly writing challenge: “Ice, Water, Steam.”

The transparency of your clarity
is never at stake
you always look
polished and glossed
which definitely makes your day
three different form
but one single base
you can add and subtract
your form by grace
by chemical procedures
you now arrives with haste
As liquid! like its your place
you camouflage yourself
when you need to be
disguised into ice
showing off your best sides
then you get soft and melt away
embracing the rays
of the beautiful day
you rise as you
form your chemical state
as you become steam
which is great for the atmosphere
you then know you are
a valuable state
a state of matter
that can be used in several
different ways
your abbreviation
makes your feel reliable today
your an asset
and h2o
is your code name.

In your arms

You kissed me gently
without a fear
I laid in your arms
for nights and days
I was young
and didn’t have a care
I loved you deeply and its been
thats way for years
you held my hands
and kissed my cheeks
I blush effortlessly
thinking of the thought
thats we ought to be
be perfect in love
and head over heels so deep
I could see your heart pound & beat
as you know
I’m your lover
as you can see
but then I let go
and your heart stops to beat
silence as memories
are now complete
I reached forward
but your out of reach
I could hear you saying
“we’ll always be”
I cried, my heart slowed down
I pondered and I ran
where am I going?
I’m lost and wont be found
cause I’ll wait here for years
years until you return
years passed
and it hit me
that your gone!
your gone!
I shouldn’t have let go
I shouldn’t.
Come back, come back
and then my heart beat no more.


A gentle twist
slowly brushed against your wrist
do you want to be kissed?
or just stay here, be delayed
wondering if you’re betrayed
conveyed by your beliefs to persuade
the different
but the same human race
you lay here in grace
gracefully embrace
the persecution of the
unbelievable strain,
the strain to retain
your sentimental refrains
you smile to be eyed
you cry even when denied,
you love even when in doubt,
you lust
even when you couldn’t
be proud enough
you giggle and cry
laugh and die
dying to be loved
heavenly touched
to see that deceitful crush
but you can’t get enough
enough of something
you can’t even touch
your blood rush,
your fingers touched,
your eyes get bright
dear, exceptional moonlight
what is there to see?
when your out of sight
out of mind.
your body gets cold
you shiver but act bold
all you want is to be hold
i know you’re in pain
but your not her
so whats there to gain.


Tryna run for cover
whats there to discover
will it change your life
if i change my time
knowing that there is a
deceitful incline
I’m dying, crying
for there is no hope to recover
what was left uncovered
as time goes by
things evolve in these dreadful time
where will i be tonight?
sure not by the arriving moonlight
lost and capture & due its time
just cast and abandoned by life
you hope that this is only tonight
you fear no one,no one
but who is there to fear?
every breathe heavily with a smear.

Watchin me.

Are u watching me,
Or is it jus unclear to me
The detrimental trap that u set forth for me,
Your eyes ripping thru ma skin
As they creep and over shadow me
Tho I may not see u there,
I know that your definitely near,
Jus that hawking feeling,
Suddenly wana haunt me
As I look around to,
I see u! thats no suprise to me.

Melly wilson (poetic nature)


U soar higher,
but it seems your no where,
U got pulled down,
just by the atmosphere,
The weight is on your shoulder,
Isnt it so clear?
That everything you tried seemed to get you no where,
But elevation, isnt so rare,
U just gotta wise up and be a bear,
Show your inner strength ,
and cast them fear,
Cause its simple!
Although it cant be compared, because success comes from out of no where,
When u least expect it,
It seems to get clear,
So elevation is always near.

Melly wilson (poetic nature)

Am not okay!

Am not okay,
thats what most people would say,
But who is really ok?
Is ok the new way to conversate?
Or just an excuse to get thru unforgiving days,
No one seem to care ,
what one really has to say,
But am not ok, am really not ok,
Your pain pierces thru my membrane,
As ur words shattered and rip my veins,
The outcast of this fear and pain,
Does that seem ok?
But I’ll stil say, am ok!

Melly wilson (poetic nature)