The unknown

A whisper throught the clear skies,
kissed your lips from oceon wide,
a glance of happiness,
Urges forth and rushes to be comfort,
As u held not to be touch,
Cause u know of what you quest for,
Shimer running down your spine,
As u wish you could rewind and undine,
The balance through which nature intertwine,
Which automatically devine,
The conquest of a searching child,
Lost in a trap door,
Wondering what each path shall unfold,
Riches which was behold and fortunes that were mistold.

Melly wilson (poetic nature)



The existence of such ideal life form
only seem to come alive at winter time,
when everything is so cold and is waiting to he hold,
the beautiful light shines and never seems to withhold
such joyful grace that this season has to unfold.


Melly wilson (poetic nature)

The journey

I search across embeded seas,
As voyages leap at journeys peak,
In search of the voice of sea
Which is spoken by,
dead sailors that speak,
Not knowing of what these miles reach,
The tremble of glory,
Slowly repeats,
As progress is yet to be recieved.

love is life.


How we live isnt determine by faith,
But yet stil its exact human state,
Tho we all vow never to disintegrate,
Such passions is now all at stake,
The reality speaks,
Of reluctant days, over shadowing,
Our infatuated ways,
Tho we may think this is faith, this is love, this is hate,
But whats not think in our infatuated, days.

The existence of your thoughts are now written into immortality