what does poetry mean to me?

Poetry is an art form which is essential in our life form, we use uniques words and capture images which ties together in a poetic form . These words and images are now written into immortality. It may not be a typical rhyming scheme because they are different type of styles when writing poetry . It’s how you view and understand it that makes it unique. It’s your  opinion on little facts that others fail to see. It’s detailed description of everything we feel, hear and see. So poetry isn’t just a bunch of words grouped together for senseless meanings, It brings detailed description, intricate details and also methodic details which all ties together to create something beautiful.


3 thoughts on “what does poetry mean to me?”

  1. First, a twig of my poetree to explicate: clarity

    Sword that cuts all ways,/
    Without, for, there’s no cutting,/
    And a pointless point.

    A senryu. And one on poetry:

    Feelings, Reeling In The Living Art, Unbeckon

    Betwixt words,
    Weaving paths of study,
    Between lines,
    Flowing within its own
    Rhythms, rhymes,
    A birthplace is divined,
    A twig of poetree to be,
    Becomes in chrysalis,
    Being you evoking.


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